As your next Mayor, I know that there is a great deal of work to do. I will use my experience and expertise in business to lead the change that East Point needs. I believe that this change can be accomplished by focusing on four specific areas as top priorities. Please help me make this vision a reality:


• Restore professionalism and courtesy to our city government. From serving as a parliamentarian and manager for council meetings, to acting as a liaison and advocate for citizens, the Office of Mayor will be a seat of competence and civility.

• Create a culture of YES for our businesses and residents. It must be made clear that East Point is open for business for anyone who would like to live, work or play here.

• Build a unified, collaborative team – including city staff at all levels, business owners, and other nearby municipalities

• Re-engage citizens from all neighborhoods to unify our city and help with problem solving. We have so many passionate residents who have much to offer. It is imperative to the success of our city that everyone feel like they have a voice.

• Build a positive reputation of our city. For so long, this has been lacking. It is important that those outside of East Point begin to view us differently. in a more positive light.

Financial Stability

• Develop and attract new businesses. Economic Development is key to our success. We must find new ways to generate revenue without continuing to break the backs of you, the residents of East Point. Geographically, we are poised for success – attracting new business is paramount to that success.

• Balance the budget. It is a simple statement, But it is profound in its necessity. It is something that as Mayor, I will make my number one priority. But I will do so, not by cutting staff and furloughing public safety personnel. Rather, I will work with a new City Manager and Department Heads to improve inefficiencies; and develop new revenue streams.

• Help restore property values to increase tax base. Through innovative programs and incentives, we can improve our property values.

• Increase revenue by increasing overall value of our city. From landscaping to infrastructure improvements, there are many opportunities to increase the value of our city. We need to do so thoughtfully and intentionally, but we need to do this.

• Leverage relationships with current and potential business owners to create new opportunities for positive momentum.

Public Safety

• Increase police presence around our homes and businesses. A safe city is a successful city – and East Point will be a successful city.

• Ensure public safety personnel have proper training and resources. We can have the largest Police and Fire Departments anywhere, but this doesn't mean anything unless they are well trained and have the tools they need to do a good job serving our city. I will seek out grants and other funding to assist in covering the costs to make our public safety departments progressive and efficient.

• Make sure our community is safe for children. As a father, this is so important to me. Whether or not you are a parent, I am confident that you will agree it is important to have safe spaces for children to play and learn. This is building a solid foundation for the next generation of East Point's leaders and residents.


• Increase community involvement. Making our schools more attractive to new families moving to East Point will add to our overall success.

• Establish a city-wide mentoring program. Whether it is through a career-day featuring local business owners, or allowing students an "inside look" at careers within city government itself, it is important to engage our youth and make sure they are as passionate about the success of East Point as we are.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Andy Korta for Mayor © 2013