Welcome To My Page

Like you, I am a concerned resident of East Point. While I have the proven leadership, budget management and problem solving skills to lead this city, more importantly I will attract, motivate and encourage all of you to work with me and Council to help overcome some of our biggest problems. Together we will increase the value of our homes, the overall revenue of our city, the security and vibrancy of our community and restore trust in our city government.

Our city is in crisis. Violent crime is on the rise; existing businesses are leaving and new businesses are choosing to set up shop in other places. Our population is continuing to decline, leaving empty homes in their place and our tax base is shrinking. Our schools are underperforming and the city's finances are in shambles. East Point needs a change. I will lead that change. When many other residents with young families decided to leave - I have decided to stay. I want to fight for the place that has been home for me and my family for nearly 15 years.

As your Mayor, I will restore professionalism to our government and create a collaborative culture within council, our city employees and our citizens across all of East Point. Along with a new City Manager and Council, I will bring financial stability back to East Point. I will work with our Police and Fire Departments to ensure presence and vigilance to meet our safety needs and I will work with ALL citizens of East Point to create the positive change we all deserve.

Together we can make a difference.

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